Buy and Sell a company

The Rationale of Selling


The growing industry produces new opportunities every day. It becomes more and more difficult to market on the internet, the cost of ppc is increasing steadily and has tripled twice in the last three years. When I began, I could advertise on Google “treatment in Israel” for 25 cents and I could be in one of the first three places because there were only three companies. In March 2014, the price is $25 per click and there are 700 companies.

Regulation is on the horizon. The Gerhman Committee is about to enforce new standards which will doubtless result in increasing operating costs. The VAT and Income Tax authorities are also waiting around the corner. My advice to small private independent companies is to put themselves on the shelf before it is too late; this is the time to sell when everybody is buying. I sold my business at the beginning of this year and as you can see, I’m not short of work – I became a broker. Continue reading