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Medical tourism

Medical tourism is a growing trend worldwide. As health care problems increase in the Eastern countries, patients are looking for new sources of health care. Of all the travel destinations, Israel is one of the best locations for a wide range of medical needs. It has long been a popular travel destination, but over the last 10 years it has quickly added health care related services to its list of tour offers. 


MTII is the leading medical tourism and medical travel company in Israel. In the medical tourism industry we are known as “medical tourism facilitators” or as “medical travel facilitators”. In these capacities we have written agreements with an extensive network of the very best doctors, dentists, clinics and hospitals in Israel.

Website Owners and Individuals

The MTII Affiliate Program is designed to reward website owners and individuals who promote MTII medical and travel packages. The company’s health travel packages are affordable treatments offered by Israeli trained and experienced doctors, surgeons, and travel specialists. The program makes it easy for patients to research providers, get a quote for their preferred treatment, and receive step-by-step assistance when travelling from their home country for surgery, as well as 24-hour assistance throughout recovery.  Website owners can become members with no cost or obligation. By joining the program, individuals can earn a generous income of up to $1,000 commission on sales referrals of MTII health travel packages.

Custom Marketing Collateral

To assist with the promotion of its health travel packages, MTII provides affiliates with a host of customized marketing collateral, including banner advertisements, email copy, product brochures, and designated landing pages. Additionally, all affiliates will receive links that track referrals on all leads and sales to add to their websites.

The leads are answered by an Israeli MD patient case manager who will talk the potential patient through the medical tourism process. Once the patient arrives in Israel and undergoes treatment, the affiliate is paid!

MTII Affiliate Marketing

To begin earning money as an MTII you place embed code for lite-boxes, page peels, text links, banners, or any such links that connect to the MTII Web from your Affiliate account. Each time a visitor is directed by clicking on your published link with your tracking ID to the MTII Web, you receive a commission when they purchase a MTII Treatment Package. A system of trackers informs MTII and your Affiliate account when a given click is attributed to you for the next 180 days.

Online e-Catalog

The MTII Web has an online e-Catalog of treatment options, mapping an extensive selection of Medical Treatments offerings and listings of Israeli providers, all from one database. Our Health Team drives traffic to the MTII Web and earns revenue based on a pay per sale principle. Once your free account is approved and created, you will be invited to integrate our content on your web site, blog, social networking and more. We offer various formats for integrating our content into all types of digital media. Each time a visitor that resulted from your efforts clicks on one of your links, our system will detect it and you will receive a commission on any of the agreed products.


You can customize everything from how the link looks on your website to the direction of the page on the MTII web. A publisher can target the links to your users’ interests in any information, products or treatments you wish to feature on the MTII Web. All websites can participate as an MTII Health Team Publisher, including blogs and social media pages. The amount of traffic your site receives will not affect your eligibility to participate in our Affiliate Program.

A: Click here to fill out an online application form. It’s quick and easy!


  בקצרה: אני מציעה לבנות לכם רשת שיווקית של סוכנים

Q: Why join the MTII affiliate program?

A: It is the easy way to make money faster. By signing as an MTII affiliate, you will receive a customized package that can make large commissions for you. Our targeted website converts any businesses looking for Medical Tourism options who are probably already on your website. This is an excellent opportunity for someone to profit from the nation’s health care woes.
Q: Who is eligible to join?

A: Anyone who has a website can join our affiliate program. The fact that we are a leading Medical Tourism company allows us to provide more aspects of Medical Treatment abroad than most other web sites. When your visitors take advantage of our program, you benefit from increased commissions!

Q: How does the affiliate program work?

A: When a visitor from your site signs up with, you get paid. We handle the transaction, processing and customer service, and make the reporting available to you so you can always know how much you are earning. Commission checks are sent out monthly.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Click here to fill out an online application form. It’s quick and easy!
An acceptance letter will be sent to you within 24 hours with necessary instructions to start earning big money.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: MTII’s affiliate program is absolutely FREE! It does not cost you anything to apply and participate. There is no fee to participate and no minimum number of registered users and our service is FREE to your visitors.

Q: How much will I earn? 

A: MTII pays a commission of $1,000 per signup for consumer leads.

Q: How do I link my site to

A: Once you sign up and your application has been accepted, we will send you the exact link to use. It’s so easy, even beginners can copy and paste to create links.

Q: When will I get paid?

A: MTII will pay for the client, once the patient goes for the treatment and returns home.

Q: How can an affiliate track his referral?

A: We will send you a copy of every MTII referral generated by you. Just send us an email or call with your name, company name, web address, phone number, and email address.

Q: What is the guarantee that MTII will pay affiliates?

A: MTII has been in the debt settlement and debt restructuring business for several years. We are one of the leading debt settlement companies in Israel. We have been able to achieve an excellent reputation with a high level of customer satisfaction in the last 30+ years of business nationwide.

Q: Does the affiliate program restrict any site?

A: No matter what the demographics of your site, our service will appeal to a large percentage of your visitors.

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You do not need to register all your websites; our system will automatically detect the source of the traffic you send to us from your affiliate ID. Just ensure that your affiliate ID appears on all your links directed to the MTII Web. When you are logged in to your affiliate account, your affiliate ID is automatically given in the codes for all your digital marketing choices. Our software is one of the most advanced independent affiliate programs in the industry. It caters to the beginner with Health Team Training Resources and challenges the advanced affiliate marketer into one of the largest market sectors combining Medical Treatments and Medical Travel.

A: Click here to fill out an online application form. It’s quick and easy!