Leads 4 Sale

Proposal for Purchasing Enhanced Leads

What are Enhanced Leads?

An enhanced lead is a lead that was received following a chat with the Medical Tourism of Israel Chat Center. The lead contains much information, and the patient is aware of the treatment options and likely to become a customer.

How do we enhance a Lead?

We use Remarketing methods. (Surfers who read quality content articles on selected Russian sites are exposed to our banners and text ads. Applicants are in genuine medical need and are not merely seeking online price comparisons.)

Does anyone else receive the lead?

No. You are the only one.

Are the leads fresh ones?

Yes, none of them are more than a few hours old.

Is it possible to buy a larger quantity of leads, say 100?

No, we sell only “portions”, one per customer.

Do patients know that they will be working with a medical tourism company?

Yes. We make a point of clarifying all the differences.

Is it possible to select subjects and/or countries?

Yes. For example the requirement could be only a hip replacement from Moscow or Kiev.

Do the leads all arrive at once?

No – no more than three a day. We are committed to providing the entire amount within one month from the date of order.

Do you take the “good” leads for yourselves?

That’s a good idea but the answer is No. The advertising campaign and its results belongs to you solely whether the results are good or bad.

Which patient has brought in the most money from a lead?

We were not directly informed but we believe that the amount is $350,000 for two bone marrow transplants on the same patient at Tel Hashomer.

How much did you receive?

We received only a $700 fee under the agreement in effect at the time.

Do you receive a copy of the proposals?

Yes. A long and detailed contract is attached to the proposal.

Do you provide an invoice?

Yes. Medical Tourism In Israel is a business registered in Israel and sends invoices with the addition of VAT in accordance with Israeli law.

How do I begin?

All the work and payment is carried out via the internet. You can pay via PayPal, Visa or bank transfer. The work begins immediately after the contract is signed and payment is received.

הצעה לרכישת לידים רפואיים

medical leads

  1. הצעה הזאת סופית ומבטלת כל שיחה או הצעה אחרת בנדון.
  2. מתבקש תשלום של 4,750 שקל + מע”מ  עבור 10 לידים משופרים.
  3. בנוסף אנו זכאים ל 15% אחוז עמלה בגין כל תשלום עבור שירותים רפואיים ששילם לכם כל המטופל או קרובו שיגיע ובמהלך 12 חודשים קלנדריים יום מקבלת הליד.
  4. העמלה תחושב בגין שירותים רפואיים כגון:  שכר רופא . מנתח, עלות בית החולים, משתלים, ובדיקות וועוד) לא כולל: טיסות, מלון, הסעות ותרגומים.
  5. העמלה תשולם תוך שבוע מקבלת התשלום על ידכם.
  6. נושאי הלידים ניתנים להתאמה מראש. ואם לא הותאמו יהיו בתחומים: אונקולוגיה, אורטופדיה, אורולוגיה, ניתוחים פלסטיים, גניקולוגיה, הפריה ועוד
  7. מקור הלידים ניתן להתאמה מראש. אחרת מקור הלידים  ארצות דוברות רוסית לרבות מרוסיה,אוקראינה.
  8. כל ליד נספר ללא קשר למהות ומחיר הטיפול. תיירות מרפא לישראל משתדלת אך לא מחויבת לספק תיקים רפואיים.
  9. כל מי שאנו מפנים  אליכם חותם על טופס ויתור על סודיות רפואית.
  10.  כל ההתכתבויות כולל תמלול של שיחות בעל פה עם המטופל יבוצעו אך ורק עם העתק ויידוע אלנו. תנאי זה יסודי לאספקה. הפרתו מבטלת את ההסכם. תיירות מרפא לישראל תחלט את התשלום גם אם לא סופקו כל הלדים.
  11. עליכם להעמיד לרשותנו איש קשר דובר רוסית רצוי בעל השכלה רפואית מטעמכם האחראי על המכירה ומתן ההצעות. (כפוף לשינויים הצפויים בפקודת הרופאים  – הרשאות לעיסוק ברפואה)
  12. עליכם לתת לנו גישה לסי אר אם שלכם בחלק הנוגע לנו ולההנחות את איש הקשר שעל מנת שנוכל לסייע בהבאת מטופלים.
  1. This proposal is final and invalidates any previous conversation or offer on the subject.
  2. The payment for 10 enhanced leads is NIS 4,750 + VAT.
  3. In addition, we are entitled to 15 % of each payment for medical services paid to you by a patient or the patient’s representative that arrives during the 12 calendar months from the date of the lead.
  4. The commission will be calculated from the medical services provided such as doctor’s fee, surgeon’s fee, hospital costs, transplants, tests, etc. Flights, accommodation, transportation and translations are not included in the calculation.
  5. The commission will be paid within a week of your receiving payment.
  6. The leads we produce for you can be adjusted in advance. If they are not adjusted, they will be in the following fields: oncology, orthopedics, urology, plastic surgery, gynecology, IVF, etc.
  7. The source of the leads can be adjusted in advance. Otherwise the source of the leads will be from Russian-speaking countries, including Russia, the Ukraine.
  8. Every lead is counted regardless of its nature and the cost of treatment. Medical Tourism In Israel will make the effort but is not committed to providing medical records.
  9. Anyone who is referred to you by us is required to sign a waiver of medical confidentiality.
  10. All correspondence including the transcription of oral conversations with the patient may only be made with our knowledge and a copy provided to us. This condition is fundamental to the delivery of leads. A violation of this condition will cancel the agreement with Medical Tourism In Israel who shall decide what payment is due even if all the leads are not delivered.
  11. You are required to provide a Russian-speaking contact person, preferably with medical knowledge who will be responsible for the sale and proposals. (Subject to changes of the doctors’ orders – permission to practice medicine.)
  12. You are required to provide us with access to the section of your CRM in order to instruct your contact so that we can assist in bringing patients.