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All what you want to know about Medical Tourism In Israel

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  1. List of all the Medical Tourism departments in all the hospitals in Israel, including phone numbers, e-mail addresses and hospitals address.
  2. List all Medical Tourism companies operating in Israel, all their websites their phones, mailboxes and companies addresses.
  3. An Excel with mail addresses of hundreds of Medical Tourism agents.
  4. A list of most of the doctors who practice medicine for medical tourists in Israel , a link to their’s resumes.  The doctor’s clinic telephone number and how to contact the doctor directly.
  5. Price list of  all medical services given byIsraeli Hospitals  as published by the Ministry of Health of Israel the Regulations of the Ministry of Health in Israel on the subject of  Medical Tourism.
  6. A list and addresses of the hotels and flats, including prices, addresses and telephone numbers forMedical Tourism.
  7. Job offers in medical tourism,  Job seekers are welcome to contact.

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  • All the published information is from open sources.
  • “truth I spoke”  and credit was given when required .
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  • There are likely to be mistakes and inaccuracies all is done in a good faith.
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About Elena Levterova 

specialist in medical tourism специалист по медицинскому туризму מומחית לתיירות מרפא

I am the founder and C.E.O of Medical Tourism in Israel (MTII), specialising in bringing Russian speaking patients via online marketing to Israel.

Originally I am an Ukrainian philologist who became an expert in Online performance optimisation, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Online Marketing Strategies.

I had built 3 successful businesses in the field of Medical Tourism for others having now a turnover of above 50 Million shekels a year.

At the beginning of 2010 I started to brand my name Elena Levterova as a Social Media Marketing (SMM) professional specialising the Russian language.

SI have  focused in diverting traffic from social networks such as Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki to my client’s website in Forex, Visa applications and online shopping.

I entered the Medical Tourism by chance and positioned myself as a specialist in medical tourism for Russians who seek remedy out of the ex USSR.  Since January 2017 I work by exclusive agreement with a major medical center Manor Medical. If you need you may contact me directly.

If you’re looking for a treatment or a doctor, or an hospital or a medical tourism company in Israel, ask first Elena Levterova from MTII – Elena knows everyone and everyone knows Elena.

About MTII

the industry
Sometimes this is what i think about the industry.

Medical-Tourism-In-Israel.com is a service provider to the growing Israeli medical tourism industry where every year newcomers are discovering new niches.

A typical medical tourism company has either a relative advantage on the internet or in medical treatment. It is very rare to find a company that is equally good in both fields. Medical Tourism in Israel is a service provider in everything but the medical field.

Behind MTII are experts with a proven record in SEO in the Russian language specialising in Google.ru and Yandex.

MTII personnel have close and personal knowledge of the people behind the companies in the local market and are very experienced in all the processes of a medical tourism company. They have good working relations with the medical tourism departments in most of the fully-equipped private and public hospitals.

MTII has alliances with similar companies in Russia, Bellarus, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.

MTII provides the following services to the medical tourism industry:

  • Buying and selling of companies
  • Consultancy in running successful companies
  • Affiliate network building
  • Sales of leads on a revenue sharing basis
  • Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Email: lena@assuta-hospital.org
Телефон‭ ‬в‭ ‬Израиле‭: +972-54-394-4317
Телефон в Россия: +7 (985) 349-51-03